Review of STAKES Casino

Stakes Casino launched in 2016, and on the surface, it seems to be rather great. The website has an attractive style, and the lobby is well-stocked. However, as the cliché goes, not everything that glitters is gold.

We’ve heard far too many instances of disappointed players who had troubles at Stakes Casino, ranging from lengthy wait periods with customer care to simply not being able to withdraw their money properly. To be sure, we created an account with Stakes, played a few games, and thoroughly read the tiny print. We were unimpressed.

At the very least, Stakes demonstrates that a ‘beautiful’ website will only carry you so far. Continue reading our review to learn more about everything we disliked about this casino and why you should take your money elsewhere.

Unappealing and Strictly Limited Welcome Package

We do not subscribe to the notion that a bonus is the most significant aspect of a casino. Nor do we feel that a casino’s welcome bonus offer should be extravagant. Numerous of favorite casinos thrive by supplying affordable packages that are simple to max out.

Stakes’ welcome presentation, on the other hand, is very basic. As shown in the chart below, you must deposit three times to get the whole package, and the total amount you will receive is rather little. High rollers will undoubtedly be turned off, and we believe that even the majority of players who take a more relaxed approach will find this package lacking. The wagering requirements are not worth it.

Banking Options That Are Reasonable; Banking Terms That Are Strange

As is the case with the most of things at Stakes, the banking choices seem to be rather attractive on paper. We’d be lying if we stated there aren’t a variety of deposit and withdrawal options accessible. However, time has shown that banking is arguably the area in which Stakes falls short the most. Consider the following sentence to understand what we’re talking about:

“STAKES maintains the right to adjust credit card/debit card limitations and/or to deny any withdrawals/ deposits.”

After reading that provision, we’d be quite hesitant to invest in Stakes. There are no exclusions for their refusal to process a withdrawal. They might legally refuse to process a payment just because they feel like it or it suits them, and concoct an elaborate explanation why the transaction seems suspicious. You’d have little room to protest.

However, it is not the only strange phrase. Over €10,000 in winnings will be split into monthly withdrawals of €5000. That may not seem so horrible until you consider that this also applies to progressive jackpots. What happens when you hit the jackpot and win €100,000 in one spin? That’s what you’re going to have to wait 20 months for.

A Lobby That Is Oversaturated

The casino’s lobby isn’t the worst part. Indeed, it is respectable in every way. The lobby page is well-organized, and there is an adequate range of games. Its primary flaw is that it is crammed with games from far too many vendors.

That’s fine for gamers who know precisely what they want – but for newcomers to online casino gambling, we believe it may be very intimidating to trawl through hundreds of games in search of the good stuff. For every amazing game like Play’n GO’s Wizard of Gems, which has incredible visuals and gameplay possibilities, there are a slew of other duds.

It’s a theme we see in a number of online casinos — an attempt to compensate for lacking gaming features with an excessive game selection. We’ve grown to enjoy the more focused experience provided by a more selected and simplified lobby.

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